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Nerd out on Bay Area fruits and vegetables as they’re in season. Connect with your local food. Enjoy local produce when taste is at its best. Each Seasonal post is my take on the most interesting aspects of one seasonal, local fruit, or vegetable. 

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There are great local resources out there that can empower you to connect with the abundance of local produce grown and harvested right in our area. CUESA’s eat seasonally, the local Curious Eater podcast by Real Food Real Stories, Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard learning program Edible Education 101, the Imperfect Foods Blog, the Edible Eastbay magazine and @raisedroots on Instagram are all excellent.

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Nerd out about the Bay Area food system, one fruit and vegetable at a time.


Andrea Castillo

A food nerd without a sweet tooth who snacks on shredded carrots with a squeeze of lime and salt. My roots are in Colombia and I'm based in Oakland, CA.