Dec 15, 2021Liked by Andrea Castillo

Wonderful post! The best Brussels sprouts I've had were roasted over an open flame, and then seasoned with a mix of sea salt and bits of tasty dried garlic. (There was also likely oil of some kind involved too).

At home when I'm in a hurry I go in the other direction, microwaving the little halves with fresh pepper, salt, and coconut oil in a little spring water for 5 minutes, while I sautee tiny squares of turkey bacon and then add the Brussels sprouts for the last few minutes.

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Feb 24, 2021Liked by Andrea Castillo

As always, you always inspire me, educate me and make me hungry! I did not grow up with the Brussels sprouts hate, but I remember the dread in my French classmates when we talked about this... I AM on that Brussels sprouts wagon! Omg, I love them! I make them with bacon/ speck as the recipe you shared and mix them with mildly sweet tomato marmalade!! Mmmm!!! Btw... you should also share you grandma’s arroz con leche!!! Mm!!! Haha!

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Feb 22, 2021Liked by Andrea Castillo

Seems I am an outlier, I’ve always loved brussel sprouts and all brassicas - boiled, now roasted and even raw. Maybe it is their adorable name in French “petite Chou Chou “...little cabbages 🥬

Great article, as always you have wonderful enthusiasm and lots of great information for us! Bon Appetite 😋

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